April 1, 3011: I'm going on my first ever business trip!  I'll be dropping by a coworker's wedding in Caloris and then visiting SomniCorp's Mercury offices in Tolstoj and Beethoven.

I just spent all night trying to plan my days in the Caloris area.  Right now I'm thinking of flying into Kertész first.  I have to drop by Apollodorus of course to see the Taj Gumbad, and then I'll make my way to Caloris City to attend an authentic Mercurian wedding! :D Trip planning is so stressful!  I finally have my train and shuttle tickets booked, but I still have to find hotels...

It's taking me a while to draw my second comic.  I'll try to get it out before my trip, but I also hope to draw some during my trip itself.  It should be fun!  .... Though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that 300°C+ heat... =o

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